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Why Us
A guarantee that we are proud to give is that our personnel from all categories and skills are thoroughly screened and tested before being incorporated into our database. This ensures responsibility and accountability, which sets Nepal Manpower Solutions apart from the others providing similar services.

Nepal Manpower Solutions has incorporated and executed new recruitment methodologies, which has brought both smiles and accolades from our global clientele . Our well structured manpower database is complete with all details duly filled out by prospective employees to allow easier review of prospective candidates.

Nepal Manpower Solutions corporate mantra is not just to be a prime human resource provider but an ethical and moral contributor to global human resource needs. Our principles and business ethics have helped us to forged ahead, so that today a broad spectrum of industries from construction to manufacturing are looking to us for their human resource needs. With this ever growing demand on us, we feel happy that we have been able to keep one and all contended, satisfied and happy. In the last seven years we have forged and cemented many genuine partnerships and relationships worldwide.

Why manpower from Nepal

Why Nepal? A question, which Nepal Manpower Solutions has adequately answered in the last seven years through its unique synergistic approach to the demands of clients and the wishes of employees. With the changing global scenario and with new security considerations, reliability and honesty are prime factors in the minds of all employers. This important and life-giving factor has created a new demand for sincere, honest, brave and dedicated personnel. A demand that Nepal Manpower Solutions can provide in hundreds if not in millions.

Nepalese sincerity, honesty, bravery and dedication are legendary and part of local folk-lore. Compounding this factor is the relative low cost of both skilled and unskilled labor. Adding to that is the latent desire of most people to work in places as far away as Europe and America. Nepal Manpower Solutions has tapped this large pool of resources for the ever increasing need of companies from across the world. The cost of recruiting from Nepal is lower than all other countries in the region. All this and the added security of having a brave heart in your workforce is what motivate so many to come to Nepal and Nepal Manpower Solutions for their human resource needs now and always.

In Nepal Manpower Agency, we have lots of job vacancies in every field. We have lots of job opportunities for deserving candidates.
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