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Recruitment Procedure

Manpower Recruitment Agency is a best recruitment agency in Nepal. Candidates need to go through the many procedures that are part of Nepal Manpower Recruitment Agency.

All candidates need to undergo the following procedure:

Medical Examination

All candidates have to pass a medical fitness examination conducted by a qualified doctor asset forth by the employer.


Selected candidates may have to gain security clearance if the employer so wishes.

Foreign Service Agreement

Employers and candidates need to sign a Foreign Service agreement relating to terms of employment in a foreign country.

All employers need to furnish the following information:
Details of the project for which candidate is required.
Place of work/ Country/ City.
Category in which workers are required.
Number of workers required in each category.
Detailed job description in each category.
Minimum qualification and experience required in each category.
Salary and other terms and conditions offered to the employees.
Duration of the contract.
Work hours per day and per week.
Lodging and Boarding.
Once a candidate has passed the written test and successfully cleared the interview the employer will be required to furnish the following documents. The following documents ensure an employer's decision to recruit.
Power of Attorney
Demand Letter (Attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs & Nepal Embassy)
Agency Agreement
Employment Agreement
Guarantee Paper Visa copy/NOC
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